Kanji 破面 (アランカル)
Romaji Arankaru
English Ripped Mask
Spanish To Tear Off
Additional Information
Primary Power Resurrección
Notable Members Espada
The Arrancar (破面 (アランカル), arankaru; Spanish for "To Tear Off", Japanese for "Ripped Mask") are a group of Hollows that gained Shinigami powers by removing their masks.[1]


Though they acquired their powers through different means, the Arrancar are essentially the same as the Visoreds.[1]

Arrancar can be created both naturally and artificially. The artificial Arrancar created by Sōsuke Aizen are stronger than those who came before them.[1] The process of creating an Arrancar is known as Shinigamification (死神化 (しにがみか), Shinigamika; Literally meaning "Death God Transformation"),[2] as the Hollow in question is shedding its mask to gain Shinigami powers.[1]

Arrancar are distinguished from ordinary Hollows by their cracked masks and humanlike form. Like Hollows, they have a Hollow hole, though the holes that appear on Arrancar, and where they appear specifically, represent a deficiency in their soul that is difficult to fill.[1]


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