Aura Michibane
Aura Michibane.png
Race Soul (Fullbringer)
Gender Female
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Religious Corporation — XCUTION
Previous Position Religious Cult Leader
Previous Partner Tokinada Tsunayashiro, Hikone Ubuginu
Personal Status
Relatives Tenshiyo Agata (father, deceased)
Unnamed Michibane Female (mother, deceased)
Fullbring None
First Appearance
Light Novel Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World I

Aura Michibane (道羽根アウラ, Michibane Aura) is a Soul and a Fullbringer dwelling in Hueco Mundo. Previously, she was a Human, and the leader of the Xcution religious corporation, as well as an ally of Tokinada Tsunayashiro. She was also a Soul King fragment: the Soul King's Binding Chain (鎖結, Saketsu).





Powers & Abilities


Aura was regarded as a second-generation Fullbringer, as she was the child of a parent who was also a Fullbringer. She was unique in that she was unable to form an affinity to any object. As a result of this, Aura never developed a unique Fullbring ability. Regardless, her capabilities with the standard Fullbring power of manipulating souls in matter was notably exceptional. Kisuke Urahara compared her to a hypothetical example of a Shinigami that lacks a Zanpakutō yet makes up for that with an aptitude for Kidō and Hakuda that are equal to the level of Sōsuke Aizen.[1]

Reconstruction: Aura was trained by her father to wield the reconstructive abilities of Fullbring. This is referred to as the common foundation shared by all Fullbringers which is to manipulate the souls in matter. This enabled Aura to distort and manipulate any matter of her choosing, even to the point of violating the laws of physics. Her level with this ability was noted as being abnormally high, beyond the conventional norms of a Fullbringer. She could influence and manipulate even the cells of her own body or the atmosphere itself. By manipulating the blood and skeletal structure of her own body, she could morph her body into a smoke-like state which caused attacks to pass right through her. She had demonstrated this reconstruction power through various methods, such as forging multiple western-style dragons from splattered blood, and creating a barrier of nitrogen in the air to protect herself from a Kidō in the nineties level that held greater potency than that of a Gran Rey Cero.[1] Following that feat, she had spawned two dragon-shaped flowing rivers of lava and water that allowed her to clash with the might of Urahara's Hadō 99, Goryūtenmetsu.[1] Her ability was so great that she had been tasked by Tokinada to construct a replica of the Soul King Palace within a Kyōgoku by means of her Fullbring power.[1]


Absorption Susceptibility: According to Tokinada Tsunayashiro, Aura's power to morph her body into something intangible like smoke is very similar to that of Uro Zakura, the Bankai of Kenpachi Azashiro. Due to this, her weakness in that intangible form is the same as Uro Zakuro, which is that her Reiatsu can still be stolen by entities with absorption-like powers such as Ruri'iro Kujaku.[2]




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