The Bleach Media Wiki was founded as a sister-site to the Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki to serve as a canon companion site and compendium for users there. It was also born to address the failure on the part of Bleach Wiki to address canon content for the Bleach franchise, including several light novel volumes which were worked on extensively by Tite Kubo, the series' original author.


The purpose of Bleach Media Wiki is to document the Bleach manga, databooks, and light novels. Because Bleach Wiki exists, this wiki does not currently document the anime, its filler arcs, the movies, or the video games—none of which are explicitly connected to the manga.


Bleach Media Wiki Administration
Name Specialty Status
Silver-Haired SeireitouFounder of the Bleach Media Wiki and current leader of the Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki. In charge of canon content.Active
GokūBlack10Co-founder of the Bleach Media and Bleach Fan Fiction Wikis. Main policy enforcer.Active
LastationLover5000Co-founder of the Bleach Media Wiki.Active


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