Ninth Division
9th Division
Kanji 九番隊
Romaji Kyūbantai
Organization Information
Headquarters Seireitei, Soul Society
Leader(s) Captain Kensei Muguruma
Other Information
Affiliation Soul Society, Gotei 13
Purpose Protect the Seireitei

The Ninth Division (九番隊, Kyūbantai; Viz "Ninth Company") is the ninth unit of the Gotei 13. Its insignia is the white poppy.[1]


The Ninth Division has long overseen arts and culture. As a result of this, it has published the Seireitei Correspondence monthly for over a thousand years.[1]


Reishi Printing Company

The Reishi Printing Company is a subdivision of the Ninth Division responsible for the printing of the Seireitei Communication.[1]


  • The full address of the Ninth Division is 2-5-10 Ryūsei, District 1, Seireitei 119 - 0163.[1]


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