Shinō Spiritual Arts Academy
Kanji 真央霊術院
Romaji Shinōreijutsuin
English Shinō Spiritual Arts Academy
Location Information
Type School
Located In Seireitei, Soul Society

The Shinō Spiritual Arts Academy (真央霊術院, Shinōreijutsuin; Viz "Soul Reaper Academy" or "Shinô-Reijutsuin"), formerly known as the Tōgakuin (東覚院; Viz "Tôgakuin"; Literally meaning "East Learning Institution"),[1] is the training facility Souls attend to become Shinigami.



To gain admission into the Spiritual Arts Academy, a prospective student must take the Shinō Spiritual Arts Academy Entrance Examination (真央霊術院入試, Shinōreijutsuin Nyūshi; Viz "Shinigami Academy Entrance Examination"): a sixty minute-long written examination, which is updated frequently to keep current. For example, following Ichigo Kurosaki's incursion into Soul Society, the exam was updated to include questions about the nature of Ryoka. The exam also tests the applicant's understanding of Soul Society's structure, the names and abilities of the current Gotei 13 leaderships' Zanpakutō, and the number and names of certain Kidō.[1]

However, there are exceptions. For instance, both Kenpachi Zaraki and Yachiru Kusajishi were able to join the Gotei 13 without taking the entrance exam or attending the Academy due to the unique rules of the 11th Division.[2][1]

Upon admission to the Academy, every student is loaned an Asauchi that they must spend every waking moment with in order to imprint their souls upon. For those that go into the Gotei 13, these Asauchi are later given to them permanently and serve as their Zanpakutō.[3]


Once admitted to the Spiritual Arts Academy, prospective Shinigami are given selection of a multitude of classes on a variety of subjects.


Graduation is seemingly determined by completion of coursework. The more talented and dedicated a student is, the quicker they may graduate the academy. Kaien Shiba completed his coursework and graduated in two years,[4] while Gin Ichimaru graduated in only one, while still a child.[5] Upon graduation, Shinigami are given a ranking based upon their spiritual might. How this ranking system works is unknown; however, Kaien Shiba graduated with "sixth class spiritual might" (六等霊威, rokutō reī), which automatically qualified him to be a lieutenant.[4] Graduates are then assigned a division of the Gotei 13 through an unknown process, or they go on to join the either the Kidō Corps or the Ōnmitsukido.[2]



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