A Soul King fragment (霊王の欠片, Reiō no Kakera; Literally meaning "Fragment of the Soul King")[1] is a piece of the Soul King that can exist within both Souls and Humans.


Fullbring, a power born from the Soul King Fragments.

Soul King fragments were created with the ancestors of the Four Great Noble Families took part in gouging out the body of the Soul King. The fragments fell into the three worlds in the same way the Right and Left Arms of the Soul King fell to Soul Society. These fragments are responsible for the unique powers of Fullbringers.[2]

Some fragments are larger and more potent than other fragments — many Fullbringers usually have just indiscriminate pieces of the King whereas others have specific pieces, like Aura Michibane having the Saketsu.[1]

Known Specific Fragments


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