The Almighty
Kanji 全知全能 (ジ・オールマイティ)
English Omniscience and Omnipotence
Technique Information
Type Quincy Ability
Used By Soul King, Yhwach
Quote1 Now that my 'eyes' are open... from this moment on, I can see everything that will unfold into the distant future. I can 'know' everything that I see. And... all the 'powers' I know take my side. Not only can they not be used to defeat me... they cannot even be used to harm me. That is my power. The Almighty. Quote2
— Yhwach describing The Almighty to Ichibē Hyōsube.[1]

The Almighty (全知全能 (ジ・オールマイティ), Ji Ōrumaiti; Literally meaning "Omniscience and Omnipotence") is the power to see and alter the future. It was wielded by the Soul King and his child, Yhwach.


According to Ichibē Hyōsube, the Soul King's power of The Almighty was used to split the three worlds in order to create the Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and the Material World.[2]


Whether there is a significance to the number of eyes that are present when The Almighty is active or not, it should be noted however that throughout the uses of the ability, both Yhwach and the Soul King are depicted as possessing anywhere between two to four pupils.[3][1] When the power of The Almighty is not active, Jugram Haschwalth referred to it as a state of Yhwach's eyes being 'closed'.[1]

Closed Eyes

When Yhwach's eyes are 'closed', he does not have access to the Almighty. During the nine-year period of waiting for his powers to return, Yhwach did not activate the Almighty. According to Jugram Haschwalth, Yhwach did not activate the Almighty before the nine-year period had ended because, if he had, the ability would have run wild and robbed the Sternritter of their powers.[1]

Two Eyes

Three Eyes

Four Eyes



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